The Lady Behind The Laptop

By now most of you know what the blog is about. It sheds a light on hidden talent in the music industry. However, what I have never told you guys is why I started the blog. Being from London I am surrounded by culture and talent. While there are a lot of platforms that do... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers

Being at university, no one really has enough in their budget for a TV license so my laptop is my main source of entertainment. I'm the type of person who absolutely cannot eat without watching something at the same time (restaurants are the exception). But let's be honest by the time you've found a suitable... Continue Reading →

‘Carrying On’ with Victoria

Today the spotlight is on Victoria Celestine. Having grown up on both sides of the Atlantic in France and Texas, Victoria Celestine is now establishing herself across both territories, having been releasing her own music since the age of 13. Teaming up with top producer James Sanger, Victoria's new album has seen her take an... Continue Reading →

What’s hot “Right Now”

Since the 90s, also known as the golden age for R&B, the genre has evolved from smooth as butter vocals that pandered to a predominantly female audience to annoyingly predictable falsettos and lyrics that serve the purpose of stroking the male ego. Today's artist has made it his mission to step away from what is now... Continue Reading →

Introducing: LiMM

LiMM is an 18 year Canadian rapper, who focuses on the art of story telling in his music. He currently studies Communications at St. Joseph’s University and makes music alongside his education. His unique flow and vocals, combined with the R&B/Hiphop vibe we all know and love, not only makes his music catchy but also relatable.... Continue Reading →

Summer Playlist Pending

Today the spotlight is on Electroncia duo Lux Deus who are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The group formed in mid 2016 after longtime collaborators Rob Mel and Mathias found a unique sound that brought them closer together, Lux Deus have not looked back since. Blending different elements of genres such as House, Funk, Pop, Disco an Fusion, their music... Continue Reading →

UK Festival Guide 2017

The semester is almost done, summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing - Festival season! Good Weather, great vibes and even better music. Festivals are not only a place to see some of our favourite, more established artists, but also provide an opportunity to discover fresh talent. With so much choice... Continue Reading →

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