Billii are Back

The smooth sounds of Billii are back. With those angelic vocals and harmonies that melt like butter 'How We Do' is bringing back that old school r&b feeling. The London natives Justina and Marcelle who make up the duo Billii have paired up with producer  Xvr Blck to put their own twist on La britney's... Continue Reading →

Got a truck?

Hey there country lovers, it appears our country princess Risa Binder is back at it again with her new single 'You-Haul'. The song details that post break sigh of relief, when you know you've made the right decision and you are ready to move forward. Think Beyonce irreplaceable only country. It’s a super fun party-vibe breakup... Continue Reading →

‘Carrying On’ with Victoria

Today the spotlight is on Victoria Celestine. Having grown up on both sides of the Atlantic in France and Texas, Victoria Celestine is now establishing herself across both territories, having been releasing her own music since the age of 13. Teaming up with top producer James Sanger, Victoria's new album has seen her take an... Continue Reading →

What’s hot “Right Now”

Since the 90s, also known as the golden age for R&B, the genre has evolved from smooth as butter vocals that pandered to a predominantly female audience to annoyingly predictable falsettos and lyrics that serve the purpose of stroking the male ego. Today's artist has made it his mission to step away from what is now... Continue Reading →

Summer Playlist Pending

Today the spotlight is on Electroncia duo Lux Deus who are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The group formed in mid 2016 after longtime collaborators Rob Mel and Mathias found a unique sound that brought them closer together, Lux Deus have not looked back since. Blending different elements of genres such as House, Funk, Pop, Disco an Fusion, their music... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Superfecta

Today the spotlight is on Rock band Superfecta who are based in London, England. Taking their name from a three way horse bet, following two years of reorganisation Superfecta now return with their new single and video, 'Mannequin.' Having already received exposure on a large number of stations in the US, and with a UK tour shortly to begin,... Continue Reading →

Want More? So Does RC!

Today the spotlight is on Afrobeat Artist RC. Nana Austin Boakye Antwi popularly known as RC recently burst onto the music scene with energy, finesse and a distinct sound. Originally hailing from Kumasi, and a science student of the University of Ghana, Legon, RC is destined for greatness fusing intelligent memorable lyrics with his local... Continue Reading →

The Spotlight is on…Vibe

The first in the series of my Spotlight features focuses on the song 'Vibe' by upcoming UK artist Deeriginal. The song brings back that chilled 90's feeling which was mirrored in the music video colour scheme. Vibe is about a positive state of mind. It features empowering lyrics and visuals that highlight fun and friendship.... Continue Reading →

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