Introducing Nate Vickers

We first came across Nate on youtube with his cover of 'Closer' by the Chainsmokers back in 2016. Since then he's gone on to release numerous covers gaining a total of 292,820 views on his channel. The young songwriter from Houston Texas has alluded to a project being released in near future stating that he draws... Continue Reading →

UK Festival Guide 2017

The semester is almost done, summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing - Festival season! Good Weather, great vibes and even better music. Festivals are not only a place to see some of our favourite, more established artists, but also provide an opportunity to discover fresh talent. With so much choice... Continue Reading →

IHeart Risa Binder

Since our interview in October Risa Binder has continued to climb to higher heights, sharing her amazing vocals and incredible ability to tell a story with the world. Her talent earned her a spot as one of IHeart Radio's 12 'Artist About to Break'. The 'Artist About to Break' piece is a partnership between iHeart... Continue Reading →

The Final Farewell 

As we battle our Monday blues let us take a moment to appreciate the amazing 20 years Yellowcard have given us. We had our first encounter with the band back in 2004 when We heard their song 'way away' on the SSX3 soundtrack. The American Rock band originally formed in 1997 and is well known... Continue Reading →

Mica-Jazelle To The Stage

One thing that makes this artist stand out (other then her talent) is the stunning clothes she wears. Not only is she a fashionista but she has the soulful vocals to match. The subtle rasp in her beautiful tone most definitely reflects her edgy personality. To quote Louis Walsh 'she looks like a popstar and... Continue Reading →

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