Birthday wishlist

As you may have gathered from my previous posts this week, I have a cheeky side and seeing as its my birthday in 3 weeks I thought why not. Ask and he (or she in this case) shall receive right?  So without further ado here is my birthday wishlist. Let's start with something which is... Continue Reading →


The Lady Behind The Laptop

By now most of you know what the blog is about. It sheds a light on hidden talent in the music industry. However, what I have never told you guys is why I started the blog. Being from London I am surrounded by culture and talent. While there are a lot of platforms that do... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers

Being at university, no one really has enough in their budget for a TV license so my laptop is my main source of entertainment. I'm the type of person who absolutely cannot eat without watching something at the same time (restaurants are the exception). But let's be honest by the time you've found a suitable... Continue Reading →

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