Compromise maybe?

DeeRiginal is back with his new song ‘Pride’.

Staying true to his sound, the track has the usual chilled vibe and rap flows remenicent of the 90s era. However a modern flare is added through the use of synthesiers creating a trance like ambience.

This is contrasted with the bumping bass lines, which is perhaps representive of the relationship struggles brought about by pride as detailed in the song.

‘Pride’ describes the importance of compromise in a relationship and being able to over look your partners flaws.

I usually don’t like the idea of skits at the beginning of tracks as it can be tacky. With that being said it works well and as a comedic flare to the track which aids in relaying the artist message, but from another angle.

‘Pride’ is a unique track, with original flare and a great message.

It’s a thumbs up from me, this will most certainly be a new addition to my playlist.

Check out the song here, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below 


2 thoughts on “Compromise maybe?

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  1. What your declaring is completely real. I know that everybody have to say the exact same point, but I just assume that you set it in a way that everyone can fully grasp. I also really like the images you set in here. They fit so effectively with what youre hoping to say. Im guaranteed youll attain so numerous folks with what youve obtained to say.

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