Deuce Takeover: Chloe Collins

The third Deuce Act of the week is Country Pop artist Chloe Collins who is based in New York, USA.

Collins began singing as a toddler followed by picking up the guitar at the age of 8, and has not looked back since. Soon Chloe started writing songs, and then started performing at talent shows and coffee houses. Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Chloe Collins has already had one of her tracks featured on the ABC family TV show ‘The Vineyard’ and on a soon to be broadcast episode of NASHVILLE on CMT.
Quoted as being country pop poetry that is reminiscent of the early days of Taylor Swift coupled with the inventiveness of Ed Sheeran It is clear that Collins has a bright career ahead of her

‘Forget your name’ is your typical break up anthem, which funnily enough seem to be really popular this summer – hashtag girl power. It’s defientely a song that will get your foot tapping even before you realise what you’re doing. It’s upbeat quirky and very catchy.  While were sad someone broke her heart, we certainly got an amazing song out of it.

You can find further information on Chloe Collins on her website or you can follow her on Twitter at and Instagram at

You can listen to Chloe Collins new single, Forget Your Name HERE

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the song in the comments below





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