#WATN: Christoph Watrin

You may not heard of the name ” Christoph Watrin ” but believe me he needs no introduction. If you never heard of him, however perhaps I should start with what he is known for the most : the band ” US5″

US5 rose to fame in 2005. The making of the band was turned into a reality show.
The tv show gave ” US5 ” instant popularity. Christoph was one of the contestants who won and became one of the members band. US5 first took Germany by storm as their reality show ” big in America ” was produced and first aired there. After topping German charts and receiving all the prestigious music awards( Otto Bravo, Yam, Vivacious)   the word about the boys quickly spread to other parts of Europe including Poland, Russia and the U.K. Dominating most of Europe the guys made several trips to Asia. The Asian audience also welcomed the multi – talented five and their music and vibe was quite well received.

From a shy teenager, 16 year old Christoph transformed himself into an international popstar. Not only does Christoph have an outstanding voice, he is also an incredible dancer!, That particular trait became handy  because US5 shows were always heavily based on choreography. In total US5 has released three official studio albums. If you’re into energetic dance- pop music I highly recommend checking it out.

Christoph’s undeniable charisma and distinct vocal abilities were obvious from the start. people who had the pleasure of working with him or simply meeting him always noted that despite the enormous success of the band, Christoph always remained polite, grounded and humble.

After US5 Chris started a new band called ” Stadtkint”. He and his friends were performing on the streets and local bars in Berlin purely for the pleasure of performing! Stadtkint’s repertoire is filled with soulful ballads written by Christoph himself. Yes, the songs are in German but music is universal so even if you don’t speak German look it up. The live performances given by Christoph prove his strength and the level of his talent. His singing covers of any genre by far do not concede to the originals.

Right now Christoph is furthermore expanding his knowledge as a musician. The charming German isn’t about to slow down. He is currently working on the new music. With his talent and dedication I can only predict inevitable success.

Besides his passion for music Christoph is a big advocate for animal rights.

If you want to know what Christoph is up to then visit his website : https://www.christophwatrin.com/

Written by Karina Kurani


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