Real Talk with Chanelle Hall

Chanelle Hall is a singer/ songwriter/dancer/creativedirector/actress from London. Chanelle has evolved all her creative talents and years of experience to grasp her unique sound. She began her career quite late and was privileged to collaborate with the Tomorrows Warriors jazz Orchestra at BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, and also have soloed gigs R&B gigs at famous venues such as the jazz cafe. Her experience has birthed a new sound and enabled her to fuse soul, jazz, blues, and rnb to unique classic contemporary sound. 
Chanelle is currently launching her Entertainment and Dance company “Twerkology Nation” which will naturally gravitate to woman empowerment, as she aims to maintain the fundamental roots of its origin through her Afro – carribean heritage. She also aims to target women who has faced abuse for it to be a safe haven to express themselves and to regain their confidence again.

IM: To want extent do you think being a dancer influences the music you write?

Dancing for me has always been a way to express inner emotions. I’m not naturally good at showing that. So I would say the music influences me to dance, it helps me to get it all out and to reach people on other ways! 

IM: As someone who is known for their bold style choices, how important do you think image is for an artist and why?

Image is everything. It’s business you won’t buy into a plain cardboard box unless it’s branded well, has a quality product and positive message. As humans we want to be apart of something if I don’t present myself to be something to be a part of who will take me seriously.

IM: Queen status is one of your most well known songs, what was the inspiration behind and why do think people liked it as much as they did?

It was a experience. Queen Status was an experiment inspired by a toxic relationship. I had to remind myself of who I was, as women we don’t do that a lot as we are meant to be humble. Queen Status was my rebellion I think people liked it because I stated true to myself. I hope the song empowers both men and women to celebrate a Queen. I have a feminist approach to life but I’ll always believe a women has her place as a woman and a man should respect that and if he can’t – she should keep it moving. #queenstatus

IM: What can we expect from you this year?

Expect more music! Expect bigger and better. I hope to collaborate more and to get out there!!

IM: Amongst other things you sing you dance and you act. Do you ever find it hard to juggle your passions?

I find they all compliment each other… I struggle to juggle the reality bills and a 9 – 5 with my passion. I struggle with receiving the right support to do more! I find it hard to receive help from people and checking people’s motives for getting involved. That amongst the nonsense in the world but in the same token I appreciate the struggle. The struggle inspires me, its life!


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