Birthday wishlist

As you may have gathered from my previous posts this week, I have a cheeky side and seeing as its my birthday in 3 weeks I thought why not.

Ask and he (or she in this case) shall receive right? 

So without further ado here is my birthday wishlist.

Let’s start with something which is just as sweet as me. 

Let there be cake! (But please for the love of God not red velvet)

Cake lovers please don’t stone me but I am so over red velvet cake, chocolate cake with red food colouring big whoop. Once I finally figured that out, and trust me I was pretty late to the party, it just stopped being exciting. 

This is the year for trying to new things and knowing my friends and family that should be a lot of fun.

As open as I am to trying new things I will always love the classics, which is why a trip to the ballet is next on my wish list.

I think my somewhat unhealthy obsession with Tchaikovsky would prevent me seeing the nutcracker for the 11th time, but a trip to the ballet is nonetheless way overdue.

Speaking of unhealthy obsessions next on the list is tea but not just any type of tea, I mean it’s me what would life be without a sprinkle of the unconventional. Last year I was obsessed with chai and this year it’s gingerbread green tea – before you ask yes it does exist. Salted caramel comes in a close second.

Not only do these teas taste amazinfg they smell wonderful too and as an added bonus I can still drink them whilst on my diet.

With finals out of the way I finally have time to read and two books that recent appeared on my radar thanks to Jennifer Bose are ‘The wait’ and ‘The Power Playbook’

I’ve heard positive reviews about both books and cannot wait to read them for myself.

Material things out of the way this year I just want to make amazing memories that I look back at in 20 years and smile about. 

I look forward to sharing the best of those with all of you 


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