The Lady Behind The Laptop

By now most of you know what the blog is about. It sheds a light on hidden talent in the music industry. However, what I have never told you guys is why I started the blog.

Being from London I am surrounded by culture and talent. While there are a lot of platforms that do a lot for upcoming artists, such as SBTV and Link Up TV to name a few, I felt that there were a number of artists still being over looked. I am a firm believer in the fact that great music is great music regardless of its genre.

Many artists don’t fit into the neatly packaged mainstream genres like R&B and HipHop, which makes it hard for them to get recognition. The blog was designed to be a voice for them.

IndustryMe is a two way street, it allows music lovers to discover new artists but it also gives artists the opportunity for their fans to get to know them as an individual.

Interview questions are carefully selected in a way that both promotes the artists material while simultaneously giving you an insight into their world.

The name for the blog has a very significant meaning and it can be read in two different ways depending on the perspective of the person speaking. In the voice of the artist it sounds like the artist saying ‘Industry me’ as in make the industry aware of my presence. In the voice of the readers however it can be read as the audience saying enlighten about the new artists in the industry.

I’ve tried to remain as authentic as possible by only choosing to review/interview artist I would actually listen to. All opinions shared are genuine and my own. I think that if your really passionate about something it comes across in your writing. My hope in writing this blog is that you all will  feel the passion leaping off the page as you read and that this will inspire you to check out the artists I write about. They are what we are here for after all.

I hope this helps you to understand why I do what I do, until next time 

– Ray 


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