A Day Just Like Any Other Day…

A lot of people wonder what the life of a blogger is like, so I thought I’d let you all in on what happens in my day to day. Usually my day starts a lot earlier but as I am finished with uni for the time being (fingers crossed). I can relax a bit more. Without further ado here’s what happened on Tuesday.


At precisely 8am I woken up by the loud sound of window flying open and knocking everything off my window sill. In true British fashion our sample of summer had expired and been replaced by a gust of wind that insisted on being my alarm clock – so much for a lie in (!)


After checking my emails, my bank balance a few pointless moments of staring at the ceiling I finally decide to get out of bed and do something with my life.


I clearly never learn my lesson when it comes to being last minute.com with my packing because here I was packing just hours before my train to London. 


Packed, showered, uber ordered and ready to go; I finally sit down to do some online shopping. I have several events coming up and nothing to wear (she says with a wardrobe full of clothes). I know all you men out there are nodding their heads and rolling your eyes but trust me you don’t want to turn up to event wearing an outfit that everyone has already seen you wear.


It’s breakfast time! Today I’m feeling for cereal and I opt for Harvest Morn honey nut cornflakes which I got on special in Aldi for 78p (sorry Kellogg’s). I am definitely a cereal in before the milk kinda girl and the milk has to be cold. I mean let’s be honest who really likes soggy cereal?


My uber arrives and I brave my way threw the wind and head out on my journey. #BringBackSummer


In the uber on my way to the station, got a nice uber driver too which is always nice.


Just got on the train and was happy to find a seat even with my huge suitcase. Decided that to be naughty and have some rice crispy squares, even though I’m on a diet until graduation. I simply cleared my conscience by having a bottle of water.


I finally arrived in Brighton! Time to unpack and get ready to go to my friends show later tonight.


It’s showtime the show was incredible. It was my first time attending an immersive play and it was definitely a fun experience. (Review coming soon)


Bedtime. It has been a long and eventful day but it’s time to hit the hay as I have a long day tomorrow.
I hope you enjoyed this snapshot into my world.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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