My Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers

Being at university, no one really has enough in their budget for a TV license so my laptop is my main source of entertainment. I’m the type of person who absolutely cannot eat without watching something at the same time (restaurants are the exception). But let’s be honest by the time you’ve found a suitable Netflix series to watch your food is usually cold. So I turn to vloggers/youtubers. 

Equally, when I’m out an about or on the train resisting the need to play Farm hero saga (currently stuck on level 948 trust me it’s a problem) I turn to the blogs. I try to support my fellow bloggers when I can, though arguably I think I could do better. 

In the spirit of support and sharing here are few of my favourite bloggers/youtubers.

In at number 1 is my girl Nissy Tee. I met Nissy back in 2010 and I can honestly say that I knew she was destined for greatest then, as cheesy as that probably sounds. You can imagine my delight when she started her YouTube channel in January 2015. Since then she has become one of my firm favourites with a wide range of videos that cater to my every need. Vlogs, Motivation, Get Ready With Mes, you name it and Nissy’s got it. What I love most about her channel is that she’s a humble woman keeping it 100% real.  What more could you ask for?

In at number 2 is Jenneifer Bose who is the defintion of a beautiful soul. This is a new addition to my list of blogs but definitely a page I’ll be returning to on a regular basis. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at the #BBBSocial earlier this month and was pleased to find that she was the humble, inspirational creative reflected in her blog. If you are ever in need of motivation or direction this is the blog for you. With life tips, book reviews and inspirational quotes enlightenment is just a click away.

I am a massive foodie so this list would incomplete without a good food blog. In at number 3 is Harleigh with her incredible blog The Small Slice. Here she details her favourite recipes and dining adventures complete with some incredible shots – a personal favourite of mine being the shots that accompanied the Busaba Eathai review. Harleigh also covers lifestyle and travel, so if that tickles your fancy this is definitely the blog for you.

In at number 4 is Tiarra Monet with her Hair & Beauty YouTube channel. Being a dark skinned woman myself it was great to finally find a YouTuber who understood my makeup needs. The struggle is real is real, particularly here in the UK, with incredibly limited makeup ranges for women of colour. Thankfully the face of beauty is slowly but surely changing so for all my melanin Godesses looking for some makeup inspiration this is the channel for you. 

Last but by no means least in at number 5 is my personal favourite Nella Rose. If you are ever in need of a laugh you will most definitely find it here. This is the channel that never fails to make me smile. Hilarious Q&As, Hot Topics, Vlogs, hair reviews, whatever you need Nella’s got you covered. What I love most is that there’s a real sense of community on this channel and you definitely feel like one her friends after watching a couple of her videos. What can I say she just has a super likeable personality. Mix that with fun creative content and bam there you have it an awesome channel. (Sidenote Nella if you happen to see this shoutout to you for reaching 100k subscribers)

So there you have it, my go to pages and channels. These are my firm favourites but I am totally here for discovering new creatives too, so if you know of any let me know in the comments below. 


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