‘Carrying On’ with Victoria

Today the spotlight is on Victoria Celestine.
Having grown up on both sides of the Atlantic in France and Texas, Victoria Celestine is now establishing herself across both territories, having been releasing her own music since the age of 13.

Teaming up with top producer James Sanger, Victoria’s new album has seen her take an electronic approach to songwriting, creating a string of songs that have been described as being refreshingly unique to anything currently on the scene.     

That is definitely an accurate description of her latest song ‘Carrying on’. The song is a unique contrast of Celestine’s dainty voice and the heavy bass line common to the genre perfectly tied together by electronic sounds.

Being based in the UK we were definitely happy to see a positive representation of London in her video, which captured the some of the cities best sites.

The song speaks on the idea of moving forward, if the world keeps carrying on why shouldn’t we? The highlight of song was the vocal breakdown between 2:30 and 2:50. The music is momentarily stripped back and the listeners have a chance to focus on the purity of Celestine’s vocals.

Details on Victoria’s new single ‘Carrying On’ plus information on forthcoming gig dates can be found on her website http://www.victoriacelestine.com or you can follow her on social media at http://www.facebook.com/viccelestinemusic and http://www.twitter.com/@viccelestine


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