Introducing: SpyceO.T.T

Introducing SpyceO.T.T. (Spyce on the track) a SoCal native, born in Inglewood, CA. Spyce has been producing since 2014, so whenever you hear the tag say ‘Spyce’ on the track you know he is about to hit you with some fire. He makes a variery of beats in covering several genres including Hip hop, West Coast, turn up, Trap, R&B, samples and EDM. He is also the producer of previously featured artist Westside FX.
IndustryMe Caught up With SpyceO.T.T to find out more about his journey so far.

IM: How the collaboration between you and Westside FX come about?

S: What made me wanna produce for Westside Fx was his management put me on game about him, I heard his music and I was like yo I need to be in on this upcoming project, with his flow and my beats we finna be big. Like how Dre and Snoop was in them Death row days.

IM: What got you into producing?

S: What got me into Producing was watching my big brother do his thang, I used to just sit back and listen to his beats like yo this is crazy, I gotta learn how to do this. So I gotta say my Brother was a big influence on me starting to produce.

IM: Can you explain the typical beat making process start to finish?

S: My typical beat making process would be that I never know what kind of beat I’m a create, til I start, so It usually depends on the mood I’m in and that’s what type of beat I might create.

IM: Do you ever feel pressure to stick to the more popular genres of music (I.e: hip hop trap etc)?

S: I admit there is some pressure to stick to the popular genres because it’s pretty much a hot wave in the industry right now. It’s the sound, the vibe and the feel but any kind of beat I create I put my own flavor in it to make it different from the other producers.

IM: What’s the most challenging part of the beat making process?

S: The most challenging part I would say is finding the perfect kicks and 808’s to go with the melody I have laid down. At times that gets challenging trying to EQ the kicks to get that punchy sound and to flow with the 808 to deliver that perfect bounce and clarity.

IM: How do you make sure that you stand out from all the other producers out there?

S: The way I stand out from all the other producers is my style. I like to experiment when making these beats. I’m not afraid to try new sounds.

IM: What the plan for 2017?
The plan for 2017 is to be a staple in the industry, keep cranking out hits and make sure everybody remembers the name SPYCE O.T.T.

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