The Spotlight is on…Vibe

The first in the series of my Spotlight features focuses on the song ‘Vibe’ by upcoming UK artist Deeriginal.
The song brings back that chilled 90’s feeling which was mirrored in the music video colour scheme.

Vibe is about a positive state of mind. It features empowering lyrics and visuals that highlight fun and friendship.

Deeriginal describes the writing process:
“When writing it, Kraft [the producer] had the beat on loop and I actually imagined a room full of many hip hop legends just having a really good time. It’s like 1998 and we got Lauryn Hill and Busta Rhymes randomly chilling at some house party singing ‘rock with me vibe with me’ I guess you could say that’s part of the inspiration. Lyrically I’d just say I was trying to speak some empowering things things into existence.”

One thing that caught my attention was the setting of the video. I initially thought it was filmed in a very odd place, but it most definitely made the song memorable. The song has a very repetitive melody, which works for creating the relaxed feeling I believe the artist was going for. The slightly peculiar visuals provide a perfect juxtaposition to the song itself and are bound to keep the viewers intrigued; which is never a bad thing. I think its fair to say that some artists just see the world differently – and that’s okay!

Describing the concept behind the video Deeriginal said:
“I wanted the video to look weird but also interesting because that’s how I see myself as a person. It’s such a friendly song so the visual had to reflect my social side. More time when I’m around people we’re playing cards. But to give this a bit of that weird niche I knew the location had to be somewhere you wouldn’t expect, somewhere random hence the basketball court.”

I certainly enjoyed the song and hope that you all do too.

Check it out here

To keep up to date with the latest from Deeriginal on twitter : @DeeRiginal




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