To the stage…J Lavaly

J Lavaly is a singer songwriter from South East london. He began singing in church and later went on to do backing vocals for some of the biggest names in the Gospel including Juanita Bynum Rodger Samuels, Atta Boafo, Papa richie & many more. 

Now deciding to take the solo path, J.Lavaly has released some amazing tracks  making waves on social media platforms like twitter with his 1min clips managing to catch the interest of many Successful UK musicians. He has also been feeatured on several projects with emerging U.K. Talents. 

Coming off of the back of his performance in front of a 50k crowd in Nigeria at the annual Akwa Ibom state Christmas Carols Festival which featured World Renown Artsits like Don Moen, Sammie Okposo, Buchi, Steve Crown & Esther Edoho, 2017 is written in the stars this upcoming artist.

IndustryMe caught up with J.Lavaly to find out more about his journey so far.

IM:What made you want to pursue music as a career? 

JL: Music was never really the part of the plan or the dream it used to be solely Football. Singing was only somthing I picked later despite constantly being around music. It’s only after doing backing vocals for several artists, where I’d be approached and asked where they could find my music to which I couldn’t respond because I had no content of my own – that’s when I decided to give it a go.

IM: What separates you from the other male singers out there?

JL: I feel as if there are only a very small amount of UK male singers that I’ll say actually make music to a level where people from other continents will value and appreciate it. What I try to bring forth in my music is that old school 90’s kind of RnB sound. I like to take people back in time to where I’ll say we had real music. As well as alements of different genres I’ve picked up.

IM: You recently featured on a track with Teks Sinatra, how did that collaboration come about? 

JL:This is a funny one because I’ve had this one track from Teks Sinatra sitting in my likes on soundcloud for a very long time ‘Song cry’. I was listening to it almost every day but had never heard of him before. I saw someone post this track on twitter and he replied so I had to hit him up straight away like “yo bro you’re wavey” by the next week we were in studio together and made ‘Mona Lisa’.

IM: What inspires the music you write? 

JL: Life/situations I’ve gone through personally and wherever my imagination takes me really, a lot of the time I’m creating a character that I see traits of myself in. 

IM: What’s your favourite song to perform and why? 

JL: Ordinary people will forever be my best song , I’ve sung it as an opening at almost every gig I’ve done. It’s such a pure song and so relatable. But when I’m not covering Ordinary people my favourite song of mine to perform is ‘Favourite Song’ because it brings the most out of me and seems to be the people’s favourite as well.

IM:Who would you most like to collaborate with right now and why?

JL: I’ve got a bucket list but in my top 5 will most defiantly be Shaé universe she’s doing amazing things and her voice just touches me , I feel as if we can both compliment each other’s voices. 

  • One Acen
  • Santan Dave
  • Loick Essien
  • JP cooper 

IM: Where can people find your music? 

JL: All of my stuff is posted on my soundcloud ‘Joshua artist lavlay’ 

Also check me on my other social media platforms for music posts and updates. 

Keep up to date with the latest from J.Lavaly at:


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