Introducing: Alika

Alika is a 23 year old Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Sound Engineer from West London who is incredibly passionate about music. 

She started writing at just 12 years old and has since gone on to open her own recording studio,  in an effort to provide affordable services to the community.

The rapper won the MOBO unsung award in 2016 and is set too ascend to higher heights this year.

IndustryMe caught up with Alika to find about her journey so far.

IM: Which artists influence your music?

A: Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Spice Girls and Aaliyah.

IM: Who would you really like to collaborate with right now?

A: Nadia Rose to be honest. I reached out to her as soon as heard saw her Station video so I’m super gassed that I’ve done that now.

Wretch 32 – he’s my favourite UK rapper.

Glynne – I adore her sound & voice

IM: What inspires the music you write?

A: Everyday life. My reality. Every struggle, every laugh and all of my memories!

IM: What challenges do you think you face as an up and coming female artist?

A: I face the challenge of not being taken seriously as a female artist, especially as a young mother. I also think I face the stereotype of women not being able to get along which is a myth. I work really well with women, hence why I became an engineer so I could give my fellow female artists especially the option to work with a female.

IM: What makes you stand out from the other people in your genre?

A: I created it. My genre is called UK Rapsoul. It’s been described as having a soulful rap flow over a range of beats. The reason I think I stand out in the community of artists that I’m surrounded by is because my music is a reflection and combination of me and my journey in life & I’m the only person who’s experienced it. I think my willingness to be so open makes my music relatable, which is my main aim.

Watch this space, this rapper is destined for big things!


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