Introducing: Lottie Jade

This week’s artist is often described as the beautiful soul with the sweet voice. We were captivated by the her humility in the face of such big talent.

First appearing on our radar with her song ‘addicted’the singer has grown from strength to strength with her latest release ‘Oh well’ receiving over 90k views in less than a week.

IndustryMe caught up with Lottie Jade to discuss her journey so far.

IM: Who are the artists that influence your music?

LJ: Krept & Konan, Tori Kelly, and Rachel Chinouriri have been my biggest influences because they are so honest with their lyrics and I feel as an artist it is important to be raw and real when spreading messages with their music.

IM: How would you describe your sound?

LJ: I feel it is a sweet trap soul/pop kind of sound. A sound that allows many different audiences to connect with me. 

IM: what inspires the music you write?

LJ:  feel I have never been a great person to express my feelings verbally so my shyness and anti socialness kind of inspired me to write. I feel writing in a book its easy to see the answers to my problems or writing out my experiences allows me to create images that others may be able to relate to. I always knew I wanted to start music from the moment I kind of knew I could sing. I realised when I started writing my own songs and realised if I’m writing these experiences I should be the ones sing them as they will never be 100% raw and honest if its not coming from the person who wrote it and personally experienced it.

IM: What is your favourite song to perform and why?

LJ: My favourite song to perform is my original Oh Well. This was the first song that made me feel like I could be apart of this music scene. Its my favourite song to perform as I feel so many different age groups can relate to it and even though its about heart break it come with a strong message about being strong and getting through hard times.

IM: What’s next for Lottie Jade?

LJ:  will be performing at this years UK ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2016 and presenting an award to the Best Online Platform with the nominees GRM Daily, SBTV and Link Up TV!

 I would like to get more music out and even release some music videos and get some radio play, hat would be awesome.

I would love to just continue to perform around London and maybe even next year have my own little show somewhere.

But most of all for the future I will be writing more music and hopefully keep making people smile and help them feel good about themselves. 

To keep up to date on all things Lottie Jade follow her at:


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