A Sit down with Kay Doggz

Standing tall at 6ft2 and blessed with a unique flow, there is no doubt that this next artist knows how to command attention in a room.

With or without music, his style will most definitely captivate you.

Our first encounter with Kay Doggz was at a studio in London earlier this year. A few artists were having a jam session and he performed one of his songs acappella, immediately standing out for his unique style of rapping. (For those who don’t know a jam session is an informal setting where musicians chill, vibe off each other and share their ideas.)

Since then the rapper has continued to release great music and performed at numerous venues around London.

IndustryMe recently caught up with Kay Doggz to find out more about the man behind the music.

IM: How would you describe your sound?

KD: I would say my sound is like a drug. It agrees with your ears or it doesn’t. Because when you take drugs (not talking from experience haha) your body is in its own world and that’s how I feel about my music. If you close your eyes and focus on my lyrics you should be able to picture everything I’m saying.

IM: What is your favourite song you have released to date?

KD: ‘Like Rihanna’  because that was the first time I felt hands on with a song. I went to a producer and told him my ideas and he made the beat in front of me. Afterwards we layed down the hook. Then I shot the video, the week after. Check out R.L.S music – he’s got some fire coming!

IM: Where can people find your music?

KD: For my music type my name into YouTube and soundclound. If you want entertainment add me on instagram or snapchat the same name Kay Doggz.

IM: What you have planned for the future?

KD: Ha ha ha music music and more music. Just look out for me I got some crazy ideas lined up.

You heard it here first. Whatever Kay Doggz has got cooking, it’s bound to be spectacular.


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