Keeping it Royal

Introducing Jordan King, a 23 year old singer, songwriter and producer born and raised in London. 

Since making his debut with the single ‘Hood Love’ in 2012 the singer has showed no sign of slowing down; gracing stages with some of the UK & US’ hottest artists including Tinie Tempah, Lloyd, CoverDrive and Kano.

His latest body of work ‘The Night Shift’ EP is fresh, sophisticated and sexy. It perfectly embodies the concept of new school r&b while still managing to hold on to that 90’s flare we all love. 

If this is any indication of what he’s got planned for the future we are all in for a real treat.

IndustryMe recently spoke to Jordan King about the inspiration behind his latest project.

IM: How would you describe your sound?

JK: I would call my sound R&B. I take influence from so many different genres of music; Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Soul but ultimately my foundation is R&B Music.

IM: Who is your musical inspiration ?

JK: I think my biggest inspiration as an all round creator and performer has to be Michael Jackson, he definitely has been such a big influence. There are so many others like; James brown and his love for percussion, Whitney for her strong, versatile vocals, Joe for his well crafted writing, Bobby Caldwell, the list goes on! 

IM: What was the inspiration behind your latest project?

JK: In the beginning there was no firm direction for The Night Shift, all I knew was that it was gonna be dedicated to the Queens. I’ve always wanted to build on the foundations that our musical greats have left behind and not just replicate and regurgitate whats already around. I think ‘The Night Shift’ does that, its nostalgic yet fresh all at the same time – A new school take on an old school vibe.

You can keep up to date with all the latest realeases at:

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