More Than Just Music

A discussion of music as a social and a political tool Recently Giggs and Sneakbo jumped on a track together for the highly anticipated and equally controversial active collab. Anyone from south London will understand how monumental such a collaboration was. While this track is dividing opinions, which I welcome discussion of in the comments... Continue Reading →


Introducing: Lewis Anthony

Hailing from North London, upcoming 22 year old producer/rapper Lewis Antony (aka Nine Levels) has been developing his craft for nearly a decade in his own bedroom, and now plans on taking his sound to the world. With several recent online releases and videos, his catalogue will only increase in the future, taking an independent, DIY approach... Continue Reading →

Culture X The Scene

A brief discussion of the impact Afro-Caribbean culture has had on the UK music Scene. Being from south London I only need to step out of my house for five minutes before I see an African or Caribbean food shop. I am being so literal here, shootout to Patty Island because that is literally by... Continue Reading →

Around – Michael Koullas

Goosebumps. The feeling I got almost immediately when I heard this song for the first time and a every time after that. It was simply incredible how one man's voice and a guitar were able to create such a wealth of emotion. Even more  amazing was the lyrical content of the song which articulated the... Continue Reading →

Women in Music

A closer look at the hyper-sexualisation of black women in the music industry by Martha Dahhling.   It’s clear when it comes to music, sex sells. This is a problem that transcends race (Katy Perry’s Bon Appetite offers a recent example). However, this seems to be particularly problematic when speaking of black female artists.   The... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Justin Faye

Kicking off Black History Month is Justin Faye a pop singer-songwriter based in Denver, USA. Originally from Senegal where he was surrounded by world rhythms, Justin Faye began learning music at an early age when his father began teaching him vocal techniques. Since moving on to Denver in the USA, he has gone on to sign... Continue Reading →

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